Things I'm currently doing

Things I've completed (in no particular order)

  • BFA in Industrial Design from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design.
  • Master's of Integrated Product Development from Carnegie Mellon University.
  • CEO & Co-Founder at Rappora. Rappora is a SaaS offering for the non-medical home care industry. Over two years I helped grow the company from a garage startup to raising our seed round of investment in Q1 of 2016. Rappora graduated from the Capital Factory and Blueprint Health accelerator programs.

    As a side note, Rappora was invited to interview at Y Comninator in November, 2015. Unfortunately, we didn't get selected to join the program but it was an incredible experience for such a young company.
  • UI / UX designer at IBM. I worked on the now publicly available IBM Verse and Bluemix platforms.
  • Founder of Claret Design. Claret Design was an industrial design studio based in Boston. We worked exclusively with local entrepreneurs to design, engineer, and sell their products.
  • In addition to Claret Design and Rappora I've attempted to launch 20+ projects hoping they would become companies. Many of them failed spectacularly. Here's a short list of a few examples:
    • StreetStyles: A men's clothing startup that offered men packages of clothes inspired by street photography submitted by users. Think the Satorialist meets Trunk Club. The goal was to make it super simple for guys to create a great looking and affordable wardrobe. The concept died in 2013 after six months. Project September is now doing something similar.
    • Mailo: Website that connected people traveling long distances by car with people shipping things along their route. The inspiration behind this was my own 6+ hour car ride to and from Pittsburgh every three months during school. I would be driving a mostly empty SUV and was convinced I could somehow make money doing the drive. The concept died in early 2012 after three months. Roadie is now doing something similar.
    • Pillo: Website (with a pretty goofy name) that allowed people to share their experiences taking required medication. Unfortunately, I've battled a heart condition for most of my life. It required me to take a range of different medications that most 20 year olds don't have to. I was curious if anyone had adverse reactions or experiences and I wasn't able to find a modern outlet for such discussion. The concept died in late 2012 after four months. Iodine is now doing something similar.
    • Let's Play: Mobile app that allowed people to create pick up game teams and enlist new local players. This concept was inspired by my experience being a new college student in Boston with no friends (ha). The concept died in 2010 after about six months. I haven't found anyone working to solve this problem. Probably for good reason.
    • There are many,many more and I'm happy to share details if you shoot me a tweet or email.
  • Finally, I've worked many service industry jobs. From being a line cook at a (terrible) French restaurant to being a children's party entertainer. You don't know the meaning of hard work until you've endured a New England summer in a full body rubber batman suit with 40 kids screaming at you. True story

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